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Forecasting the Navy’s Future | Rachel Micklas

This summer I took advantage of working in the private sector for my first time. I chose to intern with Deloitte and was placed on one of their defense contracts with the Navy. My team and I were tasked with working for the Navy, Commander Navy Installation Command for the Children Youth Programs to develop a platform to house their clearance and investigation processes.

For my internship, my team manager specifically assigned me to a project no one on my team had attempted yet. I was to create a Forecasting Report to determine future workload capacity and how early reinvestigations for clearances were happening for current employees. I was given numerous files of large data and was responsible for cleaning, organizing and making sense of it. I then transformed that data into visual displays to clearly show our client how many months before their due date that applicants were starting their reinvestigation process as well as what the intake of reinvestigations will look like in the next five years.

My team was a small group of incredibly hard workers, which was very motivating and inspiring. This was a fairly new team when I joined, but we quickly went from coworkers to friends to family. We not only enjoyed working with each other, but we also enjoyed going to dinner and exercising together too!

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer at Deloitte and it gave me a different perspective on working in the private sector. One of my favorite Deloitte events was getting the opportunity to volunteer at Impact Day, a day where all of Deloitte’s professionals spend a day volunteering. It was an incredible experience and very rewarding.