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U.S. Institute of Peace | Natasha Luther

My summer internship was at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). I was a visiting research assistant on the Inclusive Peace Processes Team that works under the Applied Conflict Transformation Center. I built research and analytical skills constructing different memos, resource guides, and research papers for internal and external use. I also gained a deeper understanding about conflict resolution strategies such as reparations, ceasefires, confidence building measures, and reconciliation. I had the opportunity to learn about a variety of different conflicts around the world and was able to join team meetings that were facilitating peace processes.


Despite the virtual internship I was amazed by how welcoming my team was and how supportive everyone was throughout the on-boarding process. I enjoyed being able to attend weekly team meetings and USIP team-building sessions. A highlight of my internship was being on a women-led team that took the time to explain details of regional conflicts to me and USIP’s role in the peace processes. Learning from experts and working with them on various projects made the experience engaging.

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