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U.S. State Department: Political-Military Bureau, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement | Tate Russack

Tate Russack interned in the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (WRA) as a policy and technical advisor to demining and disarmament project managers, as well as an advisor to the Interagency Man Portable Air Defense Systems task force (MANPADS). WRA project managers assist developing countries in clearing mines and destroying legacy weapons to bring stability to conflict areas. The MANPADS task force focuses on shoulder fired anti-aircraft systems illicit diversion and stockpile destruction abroad. The goal of these organizations is to bring stability and safety to conflict and high-risk areas through the execution of foreign policy.

During the internship with the DOS Tate solidified his understanding of the differences between and the interconference of the DOS and DOD. Tate experienced the interagency process at the strategic level and learned more about how the government approaches non-proliferation. This better understanding not only adds to Tate’s studies at Sanford but also his career going forward in the Army and his future at State. This was an immensely rewarding experience that lent Tate insight into inter-department workings at the strategic level and validated that the DOS is in his future.